A family which welcomes you into their restaurant with open arms and the warmth and professionalism of its young, dynamic staff. A peaceful ambience, the enticing fragrance of freshly prepared fish and unique flavours... these elements together make the Cheri restaurant unforgettable!

Established in 1974, the history of the Cheri restaurant revolves around the pursuit of good taste, hospitality and the culture of fine Italian food. The Cheri restaurant's mission is to create a unique atmosphere where people can feel at ease and experience positive energy, where conviviality and the pleasure of fine dining combine.

Research and professionalism, an exclusive style, the utmost attention paid to the dining atmosphere combined with consistent quality in customer care and the high level of service all come together to create the ambience of the restaurant. Our chefs, in collaboration with the extremely creative Maurizio Cialini, produce top quality dishes.

Maurizio and Patrizia Cialini take great pleasure in welcoming you into their restaurant in order to taste good seafood.
Whatever the occasion we offer a Menu with a wide variety of dishes as well as all of our specialities such as Seafood gnocchi, Chitarra "Mare piu"(fresh egg spaghetti in a seafood sauce), "Captain Kidd" Pappardelle, handmade "Ceppe" (pasta) with scampi, and not forgetting our grilled fish, Monkfish alla Diavola, Oven baked turbot with potatoes and porcini mushrooms and, last but not least, our Anglerfish with rocket salad and parmesan shavings.

All of our dishes can be enjoyed in the various spacious and welcoming dining areas which are ideal for ceremonies, christenings, first communions and business dinners; or, if you prefer, a warm, cosy private dining room is also available.

The Cheri restaurant is organized into various air conditioned dining areas where up to 350 people can enjoy its fish specialities.
The restaurant is situated in Via Lucania, Alba Adriatica, in the Province of Teramo, which is in the Northern part of Abruzzo.